Luke Wagner is an artist born in Australia, currently working in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Luke Wagner image

Born in Hobart in 1962, Luke Wagner is an artist that follows his heart. After initially embarking on a science-based career in the early 1980s, a mix of planned and serendipitous events led to him becoming immersed in the art world.

Captivated by his new-found career, Wagner has developed a unique style that reflects the universal, whilst capturing the essence of Tasmania’s haunting landscapes. It incorporates timeless Arcadian moods, imbued with classical echoes that entice the viewer to explore.

Although Wagner is renowned for his surreal and stylised landscapes, his work often integrates figurative and still life genres that provide a catalyst to convey his intent.

Luke gets much of his inspiration from his beloved Tasmanian landscape, where he spends many hours absorbing its nuances and power. He then returns to the tranquillity of his peaceful bushland studio near Hobart to create works that are filtered through his memory.

Working intuitively, he reorders what he has seen and experienced into his own perceptive and thought-provoking visual language.
Luke Wagner has won numerous awards and his work continues to grow in popularity. Since his first sell-out exhibition in 1994, he has held a further 19 successful exhibitions in Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

A self-taught painter, Luke has allowed his individualistic and personal approach to his work to flourish. He continues to explore many themes and ideas and says that his intent is ‘to make meaningful and worthwhile art that engages the viewer in a poetic and honest way’.