Ev Hales is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Ev Hales image

Evocative and sometimes confronting landscapes, bustling city spaces, Ev’s work covers a variety of subject matter. Her subjects are always personal, always connected to the everyday reality of life as she interprets and explores the world around her.

We live in challenging, changing times. How we manage our urban spaces and the effects of our lives on our rural and bush environments are sometimes dramatic. How nature adapts and how the world evolves are becoming huge issues for our times.
Living on the edge of a huge city and yet in bushland Ev is exposed to the rhythms of nature as well as the urban bustle. Seeing wildlife at her back door is a way of grounding herself and a constant reminder of the precariousness of such an existence. Her awareness that the opportunities for children to discover how to amuse themselves and where they fit in the whole scheme of life is becoming lost as they become more and more isolated from the ‘real’ world.

Her images both painting and monotypes explore the everyday aspects of urban existence. She captures the things so integral to our lives that we often don’t ‘see’ them.

Using a variety of mediums gives Ev an opportunity to chose which one will best interpret what she is trying to say in any piece. Her aim is to be so much at one with the medium of choice that the image seems to evolve. Colour and strong design are also an enduring fascination.