Tara Gilbee is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
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Tara Gilbee was born in 1970 in Australia where she currently works and lives. She received a BFA in Sculpture from the Victoria College of the Arts in 1996. Her work is varied and encompasses photography, installation, sound and video. Tara often works both site specifically and in collaboration across mediums and disciplines to explore transitional and ephemeral states. Her artwork varies in relation to the space in which it is presented or the artists with whom she is working. Often engaging an underlying psychology that has a dark beauty and entrancing phenomena, Tara investigates traces, draws out illusions and particular textures or actions to create a fascinating new vision of what is observable. In addition to her art practice, Tara is a curatorial collaborator in the ‘space in between’ artist group. She has written articles for key arts publications and lectured at Victorian Universities about her practice. Tara has also been awarded grants to create art and has attended national and international residencies. Her work is held in both private and public collections.

Website: www.taragilbee.com (online soon)

Blog http://gilbee.blogspot.com

Tara Gilbee is a member of Punctum Inc