Xiao Hong is a male artist born in China, currently working in China.
Xiao Hong image

Xiao Hong’s recent works on Intellectual Youth Series combines the elements of contemporary and tradition onto one canvas. With portrait of an Intellectual Youth as the main subject of his painting, one can immediately identify with his subject – how China is now full of young, talented and capable youth to bring it to the next level of development. However, it is his use of scenes and fragments of reality from the past which is rather unique. He turns these scenes and fragments of reality into marks on the skin of a human face, treating them like moles or freckles in a portrait, moulding them to the undulating contours of facial structure. Now, the combination of the two implores upon us a message that one should always have a root in traditions and the past.

1990 – Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Inter-Mongolia Normal University
1991 – Studied in “Claude Yeevier” realistic Oil Painting Class in Lu Xun Art Institute
1993 – Studied the mural painting history in Central Arts and Crafts Institute, Beijing
1996 – Became a professional painter, Beijing

2008 – MASK, Xiao Hong Oil Painting Exhibition, Linda Gallery, Beijing
2006 – Intellectual Youth, Art Seasons, Jakarta, Indonesia
2006 – Intellectual Youth, Art Seasons, Singapore
2005 – Intellectual Youth, China Art Seasons, Beijing
2002 – Xiao Hong Solo Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong
1999 – Xiao Hong Solo Oil Painting Exhibition, Qin Gallery, Beijing

2007 – “Reminiscing at Jianglou – An exhibition of 12 Chinese Contemporary artists”, Linda Art Museum & Linda Gallery, Beijing
2005 – “Degenerate Dharma”, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China
2004 – “Explore the New Trends”, Art Seasons, Singapore
2003 – Winter Exhibition, Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing
2001 – “Big Roads to the Sky” series, Oil Painting Exhibition of China, Japan, France, National Art Museum
“Big Roads to the Sky” series, Asian Art Biennial
2000 – “Big Roads to the Sky” series, Japan Tour Exhibition of Chinese Art Works
1999 – “Big Roads to the Sky” series, the 9th National Art Exhibition, National Art
1998 – “Recreating the Donor” series, Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery
“Probe into Oneself and Environment” Exhibition, Beijing Construction University Museum
1997 – “Recreating the Donor” series, “City personality” art exhibition, Huhehaote
1993 – The 8th China art exhibition, Shanghai
1990 – The first China Oil Painting Exhibition, Hangzhou