Xiao Ping is a male artist born in China, currently working in China.
Xiao Ping image
started painting ‘Who to Believe? Believe in Self’ series with a very simple concept: to portray the beauty in these personal pictures. But when the pictures are blown up to a certain magnitude, the kind of awkwardness that was once brought forth to the viewer from the clandestine, self-consolation images seem to have vanished. What is left over is a warm and tender happiness derived from the absolute interaction, which feels extremely empowering and self assuring. We live in an era of rapid technological advancement where people indulge in decadent, hedonistic pleasures. The media churns out different stories, sometimes about love and heroic figures on a daily basis. People take great pains in duplicating similar lives, their psychological self numb and weary and they no longer know where they are heading for. But these consequences aren’t important, for the heaven grants us with humanity and the ever so beautiful body – although most of the time it is lonely without help, one cannot disregard the true emotions and being within onself!

- Xiao Ping

1991 – Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

2008 “Those Flowers”, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam,
2007 “Chinese Artists’ exhibition”, Italian Naples Museum, Italy
Italian Turin Expo, Italy
Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
ARTSingapore 2007, The Asian Contemporary Art Fair
Art Beijing 2007
2006 “A ticket to Beijing”, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
PAN Artfair
New Work Show, Ming Art, Taiwan
Art Beijing, Beijing, China
2005 “Building Hong Kong”, Exhibition
2004 “Eight Minus One” Art Works Exhibition