Andrew May is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Sydney, SURRY HILLS, New South Wales, Canada.
Andrew May image

Self Taught
7 Time Awarding Winning
Internationally Exhibited
Sculptor,Film Maker.

Ascending from a musical background I became infatuated with photography because of its immediacy and its impersonal form of creativity. Working in mainly B&W and after collecting numerous images I began to explore other two dimensional activities {Painting, Drawing}
until setting about constructing large scale sculptures from my works.

While I enjoy the predominance of painting I relish in the ability to shift between mediums to exhaust an idea and gain momentum from such completions.
I try to seek and dredge inspiration from a variety of sources, mainly autobiographical to concrete these moments as a focus of remembrance and their personal weight of emotion.

Constantly revolving around themes that are re birthed centering in industrial landscapes and abandoned spaces I hope to document the futility of humanity and its left behind residue.