MELISSAJAY EGAN is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in NORTHCOTE, Victoria, Australia.


“I am interested to strongly impose my own sensibility to the world’s representation. I substitute to the visual object reality of my own image of this object, which I feel as an accurate representation of its real meaning.“

Melissajay Egan is a visual artist (amounts other things). She picked up the art of painting, drawing, print-media and installation throughout her Xperimenations in numerous studios and on the streets in different places including Canberra, NSW, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin, Germany, Vienna to name a few. From her early stages she was highly influenced with German Expressionism, Expressionism, the art of Gerhard Richter, Mark Rothko, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt. Melissajay Egan was at the Berlin University of the Arts in 2002 and Canberra School of Art where she was awarded EASS Award. Melissajay Egan has been involved in festivals including the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festival and many group and solo exhibitions throughout Australia. Currently she is making her way to Alice Springs to start a new project. There is never a dull moment !


  • Alice Spring Production trip June – Oct, Watch This Space ARI Alice Springs NT
  • ONE PORTRAIT FORM TO FRAGMENT – Foretaste of the future solo show. The Front, Canberra, October 13 – 20
  • London, Paris and Amsterdam Studio work Trip Oct 25 – Dec 16
  • ZIGZAG PORTRAITURE shown in Group show ART IN MIND, Brick Lane Gallery, London, November 23 – Dec 6



1999 Saw the beginning of her artistic career and exhibitions

• Intern Student Artist at Studio One, Canberra. There she learned the art of lithography and gallery promotion.
• Debut exhibition in a group show at Tuggeranong Arts Centre.
Graduate top of the her art class at graduation

2000 Beginning of Art School

• Melissajay was accepted straight away into the Print media and drawing department and the painting department. Here she was part of the painting, drawing, history, and digital groups.
•2001 Field trips with various groups, part of the Environmental studio at CSA.
•2001 Field Trips continued with the Environmental Studio At CSA, which included working and exhibiting with Artist Mandy Martin many times.

2002 Germany and Austria visit where she produced work in Berlin and travelled to Kassel, Wippenberg, Hannover, Dresden, Munich, Dusseldorf, Kol and Vienna.

• whilst in Berlin she was taught under Professor Lorbeer in the painting and drawing studio.
•Attended with the Berlin University of the Arts to Documenta 11 in Kassel.
This happens every 5 years.
•While producing works in Berlin, the Loveparade “Access Peace” was on, the love parade is theme so that year was “Access Peace”. So Berlin was a massive rave festival and its banging!.
•Code, ANCA Gallery, Canberra, ACT.

2003 Was her Honour year. Here Melissajay concentrated on her first year project.

• She wrote her first artist thesis for a produced work.
• She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts with Honours
• She was also awarded an ANU EASS Award
•At the graduation show her works were bought for the EASS ANU collection, and private collections.
• Melissajay was a resident artist at M16
• 190 Degrees, Graduating Exhibition, CSA, ANU, Canberra
• Land$cape: Gold & Water, School of Art Gallery, ANU, Canberra
• Land$cape: Gold & Water, Orange Regional Gallery, Orange NSW.
• The Lachlan: Blue – Gold, Grenfell, NSW.
• Was published in 2003 The Lachlan: Blue-Gold, Edited by Mandy Martin and Sarah Ryan.

2004 She was travelling and on hiatus from the studio

2005 She was exhibiting in Canberra and Wollongong

• Melissajay continued her studies at the ANU, in Museum Studies and Art history and Curatorship.
• She also was gallery intern for the ANU Drill Hall Gallery during that time.
•She was resident again in M16

2006 The artist was Xperimenting

• Her residency continued at M16, and also being part of M16 event.
• The artist was producing works, exhibiting and organising events


• Melissajay was involved in workshops and exhibtions
• Producing works in her studio
• Was invited to exhibit in IN THE STUDIO: Canberra Artist at Work
• Moved to Melbourne


• Was involved in Artist Workshops, artist teaching
• She became involved with Sketch City exhibitions, events and art auctions and lived in the warehouse until it got shut down.
• She exhibited in De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong, NSW
PAPER exhibition in M16 Artspace, Canberra
SPACES BETWEEN PEOPLE at Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Canberra
• A group show at Brunswick Street gallery, Melbourne
• In November Melissajay was invited to be part of the Backbone Powerhouse Museum Festival in Brisbane.
• November saw Melissajay’s Solo show TROLLEY PEOPLE, The Projects, Collingwood Melbourne Nov 18 -29
2009 Inclusion in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, New works, Exhibions, organising events, and International shows


• Melbourne Fringe Festival, INTO THE RED, Guildford Lane Gallery
• Fad Art Exhibiton/Auction, Fad Gallery, Melbourne
THREE MELBOURNE ARTIST, McColloch Gallery, Melbourne
• Melissajay has work included in McColloch galleries collection



• Illya Glass Face Debut SOLO SHOW, BSG, Melbourne May 21 – June 3f

  • FOR WALL Group show, Miss Libertines, Melbourne June 30


McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne
The Projects, Melbourne
ANU Canberra School of Art, EASS Collection
Private Collections in Melbourne, Victoria, NSW, Sydney, Canberra