Beatrice Morabito is a female artist born in Italy, currently working in Italy.
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I’m not a " Doll Maker"…

I’m not a “Puppet Maker”…

I didn’t “materially” create these Dolls but, as Leopold Von Sacher Masoch didn’t “materially” make the woman and the fur but Created “The Venus in Fur” and all the emotions linked to this archetipo, by a cetain point of view I created these Dolls.

I created these dolls in the way you’re seeing them.

I created them in the way your’re appreciating them.

So, the Dolls you’re seeing aren’t the Dolls themselves but the Dolls created by my eyes, my mind, my hands…

My Own Purpose is to express my Creativity, my Feelings, my Moods though the photographies that I take, and in this case photographies of Dolls.

My Own Purpose is to reach Pleasure.

My Own Purpose is to express my Own form of Art.

I always take inspiration from the inner World: the World of Inconscious.