Lee-Anne Trewartha is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Bendigo, BENDIGO, Victoria, Australia.
Lee-Anne Trewartha image

Lee-Anne’s work is inspired by the Baroque period, in particular the Bel Composto concept developed by 17th century artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Bernini’s concept focused on unification, not only by uniting opposing mediums but also to unite the viewer with thoughts of otherworldly imaginings to create an ‘embracing’ and ‘whole’ environment. Her work is an expression and reinterpretation of such a concept, both aesthetically and theoretically within the context of contemporary art practices.

Through her re-interpretations, she aims to project my images beyond the normal boundaries of existence into unknown worlds; excess, constraint, spirituality, attempting to make the invisible visible ‘disclosing’ concealed truths, creating an atmosphere where violence and serenity meet, light and contrast become every bit as powerful as form, where shadows create pools of drama and unease and where illusion is so powerful you can reach out and touch it. Figures and faces respond and react to unseen emotional triggers, often only witnesses of something greater, poised on a spiritual, liminal threshold of heightened perception and intensity within an ambiguous narrative