Leith O'Malley is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
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Leith O’Malley is a South Australian contemporary visual artist who works mainly in the medium of oil on large canvas along with digital/mix media illustrative prints. His paintings often exhibit a fondness for figurative expression and revel in blurring the line between fine art and illustration.

Leith has studied under renowned Australian artist and film maker George Gittoes, who has won the prestigious Blake and Wynne Prize for visual art and also holds the position of official Australian War Artist.

Leith has continued to exhibit in various group and solo exhibitions and created the promotional artwork for not only the Adelaide and Newcastle Jazz Festivals but also the first “Rio-Havana-New York” Jazz & Latin Festival held in Moscow in late 2004 along with the Saratoga Jazz Festival (New York) during 2007 which featured prominent musicians George Benson, India Arie, David Sanborn, Al Green, John Scofield and many more..

Leith is represented by The 4th Wall Gallery in the United States and The Frances Keevil Gallery of Double Bay Sydney, and also by Smart Artz Gallery of South Melbourne.

Dallas, Texas – The 4th Wall Gallery (www.the4thwallgallery.net)
Sydney – Francis Keevill Gallery (www.franceskeevilart.com.au)
Melbourne – Smart Artz Galley (www.smartartzgallery.com.au)

Artist’s Statement:
I like to think of my work as simply honest and original in its intent, with a fondness for line and figurative expression. For me, creating art has always been about self expression and truth…about producing something relevant and quite introspective… a looking inward.
My own celebration of creating art in isolation to some degree, and my continuing love affair with both the joy and burden of that infatuation. I have always received tremendous satisfaction from the act of drawing or watching something materialise on a sheet of paper in front of me. There is something special about this act which draws me back time and time again.
As lyrical as it may seem, I’m simply trying to articulate and express myself through metaphors of colour, tone and surface texture using a sort of subtext of paint, brushstrokes, collage and mark making. I guess that like a musician, creating art can somehow transport you to another world, and for my own part this has become a very addictive but rewarding ritual.
I’m curious about where this will lead.

View more of Leith O’Malleys work at www.leithomalley.com
To contact the artist: (email) leith(at)leithomalley.com