Mitra Jovanovic is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Sydney, NEWTOWN, New South Wales, Australia.
Mitra Jovanovic image

Mitra graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2002, majoring in Fine Arts. Her art practice consists of installation-based works. Her art practice conveys concepts of nature versus technology and the everyday – current contemporary issues. Mitra tends to used recycled materials, fabrics and readymade objects in her work and also heavily incorporates text in her artwork. Inspirations include music, pop culture, video games, electronica – bleeps, blips, zapps, sexxxy synths, binary, fuzzy guitars, the glory of the 80’s, hair dye, felt, mountain air, Arte Povera and anything hand-made.

Past exhibitions include:

Mitra Jovanovic, I am an artist, 2008, board, guitar picks, 22 cm x 43cm x 1 cm, At The Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Gallery, Newtown

Is It Getting Hotter In Here
Mitra Jovanovic, Wrapp, 2007, recycled felt, thread, 8.32m x 24cm, At The Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Gallery, Newtown

Springtime Of Salad Days (with Simona Jovanovic & Louise Brissenden)
Mitra Jovanovic, Fuzzy (I Felt), 2007, Felt, thread, cotton fabric, doona, feather pillow, Quilt: 1.95 m x 1.2 m Pillow: 24 cm x 15 cm,
At The Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Gallery, Newtown

Mitra Jovanovic, Fuzzy [I Felt], (Version 0.6), 2007, Felt, yarn, 2.40m x 1.38m, At The Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Gallery, Newtown

Amnesty International Freedom Art Award
Mitra Jovanovic, IHAH, 2007, Series of 4 works on paper, A3, spray paint, wool, TAP Gallery, Sydney

Walking the Street, ‘artworks in shopfronts’
Mitra Jovanovic, Vynyl:Stain, detail, 2006, vinyl records, ink, paper, wood, plastic pots, blue metal, soil, variable dimensions, Once Wild Florist, King St, Newtown

Mitra Jovanovic, Dye to Black, 2004, glass jars, clothes, ashes, variable dimensions, Newspace, Rozelle

Mitra Jovanovic, Untitled, 2001, skip bin, bamboo, paper, ink, plush toys, twine, variable dimensions, Building Z, UWS Nepean Degree Show

The River is Dead (Long Live the River)
Mitra Jovanovic, Waiting For Jesus, 2001, wooden chair, t-shirt, magnetic lettering, variable dimensions, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Casula

Malt (with Rochelle Allan)
Mitra Jovanovic, 0111+1111x7, 2000, branches, twine, ash, variable dimensions, YZ Space, UWS Nepean

She has also exhibited in the Marrickville Art Prize (MCAP), 2007, will do the same this year (2008) and is curating Road:Rode, 6 – 16 November 2008, (Under the ATVP Emerging Curator Mentorship Program). At The Vanishing Point – Contemporary Art, 565 King Street Newtown NSW