DOMENICA VAVALA is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.

I believe there is possibility in the created image which is as individual to the viewer as to the maker, and can illicit a belief in a kind of magic.

My background is rural and growing up I was surrounded by a multitude of family members, beloved pets, farm animals and wild and various beasties too numerous to mention. Memories of this time include washing my hair in the river and accidentally setting fire to the hollow tree. The landscape in that area surrounding the Ovens river was beautiful and mysterious. It nurtured and influenced the observational nature of my artwork. I have since lived in the inner city of Melbourne for many years and have recently moved to a small bayside town in Victoria, close to the water.

My work explores the relationship between humans and beasts. The fragility, sadness and beauty that encapsulates our inter-relations. I question how our interactions, our reliance and our similarities bind us.
I have other interests in the natural world – in the micro and macro-cosmic, in the mysticism of things unexplained and generally, in the divergent forces of the ordinary and the extraordinary in the everyday.

I have returned to studies in fine arts at RMIT University incorporating hand drawn and cut-out animation, printmaking and my most favoured medium of watercolour drawing.

I have participated in group and solo exhibitions throughout Victoria, in Tasmania and London over the last decade whilst I have discovered new ways to refine and redefine my work. My artworks are housed in private collections in Victoria, Adelaide, Tokyo, London and New York. I have most recently been shortlisted for the Nillumbik Arts Prize (2012, 2013) and BSG drawing prize (2010). I received the award for best animation at the RMIT Link Arts Film Festival (2012) and participated in the Kings Bridge Residency in Launceston (2008).