Jesse Hogan is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Katoomba, SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia.
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Destructive Pop Strategic Functionalism

Continuing the processes exercised in previous work, I often create site-specific installations that combine constructed painterly forms and objects applied to the dynamics of the space provided.

The forms and objects derive from re-constructed interpretations of architectural configurations and Psychological domains. The installation aims to produce a psycho-geographical space animating the phenomenological dialect that is established between mind and matter that is niether real or imaginary.

Furthermore, the installation is an extended exploration of the history of geometrical form through the discourse and practice of painting. In these projects the paintings are neither two nor three-dimensional, but rather, are an interlacing and mutation of both; a strategy that aims to confuse and re-articulate the aesthetic and conceptual definitions of geometric abstraction, cubism, Da-Da and minimalism.

Individually these styles and practices have competing definitions and value systems, but are all defined through a linear narrative of painting. My work is therefore a cross channeling of several disciplines and aesthetics, further re-defining art and architecture as multiplex objects of utility.

Jesse Hogan 2007.


2009 Master of Education, University of Western Sydney
2007 Small Business Certificate. NEIS RMIT Melbourne
2004 Honours, (BVA) Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting Sydney Collage of Art
2003 BVA, Bachelor of Fine Art Sydney Collage of Art

2010 3 × 2D – solo / group – No Vacancy Gallery – Melbourne
2009 We Can’t Put It Together, It Is Together – Black & Blue Gallery – Sydney
2008 Tragic Magic – Until Never – Melbourne
2007 A parasi of video – THE ENEVITABLE AFTERLIFE – China Heights – Sydney
2007 Development of a Colour Fabrik – Bright Space – Melbourne
2005 Painting As Fusion – PhatSpace – Sydney

2010 3 × 2D – solo / group – No Vacancy Gallery – Melbourne
2009 The Persistence of Vision – University of Western Sydney – Sydney
2007 Salon Sideways – Until Never – Melbourne
2006 Summer Saloon – Bright Space – Melbourne
2006 Paint It Red – Per Square Metre – Melbourne
2005 Vorspiel – Kunst and Krime in Kruezberg – Salon Elmo – Berlin
2005 Radical Painting – Space 3 – Sydney
2004 NevereveN – Studio 511 – Sydney
2004 Puff and Swallow – PhatSpace – Sydney
2004 Aerosol – Artists Space – Katoomba
2004 …Meaning – First Draft – Sydney
2004 Natural Selection – First Draft – Sydney
2004 SubCulture – New Space Gallery – Sydney
2002 In-Habit-Ants – Knot Gallery – Sydney
2002 Sophomore – New Space Gallery – Sydney

2009 MLC, Architectural mural
2008 MLC, Architectural mural
2004 AUSTRALIA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS, Mural for website.
2004 ASPS, Architectural mural.

2004 Zelda Stedman Young Artist Award.
1999 – 2000 Art Express – A selection of 350 HSC Artworks.