Franz BaumgARTner is a male artist born in Austria, currently working in Melbourne, SWAN HILL, Victoria, Australia.
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Franz Baumg@rtner

@ – born in Austria May 3rd,1955

@ – studied traditional woodcarving in Austria; Geisler-Moroder in Tirol, Kaernten, Vienna and Linz. (1970 – 1974)

@ – After his apprenticeship, he was self-employed as a Sculptor, working mainly in wood with commissions for traditional sculptures. (1974 – 1990)

@ – His early Exhibitions were previously based on the traditional woodcarving style he was so familiar with, but with his passionate desire for freedom of expression he started to move away from the more traditional forms, adding his individual style and slant on the popular theme. As early as the mid 1980s his work started to transform, making way for the popular new abstract forms that he had long desired to manifest and in the 90s he started to explore other mediums and began to work in marble and granite to create his ideas in stone. During this time in Austria, he also worked in the film industry, for Walt Disney in Vienna in 1993, and was commissioned to work on the Vienna Opera House and Burg Theatre in Vienna doing renovations work.

@ – Working as a professional Sculptor in Austria until 2002, when he left to move to Australia, where he now lives in Victoria with his Australian wife Susi.