Andrew Sims is a male artist born in United States, currently working in Greater London, United Kingdom.
Andrew Sims image

I wrap myself in a blanket of things, a collection of objects and materials that in some way or another epitomise my construction of reality. We all build our own worlds, a picture of the world around us cobbled together from snippets of experiences, images and objects taken from moments in our lives. We consider the intricacies of our experience and stitch together a personality for ourselves as we are shaped by time and the events it throws at us.

My work has grown into a reflection of this process of personal evolution and the various factors that influence it.

To map this process of personal evolution, in re-applying the concept of collecting and constructing over time, I take a space and create a memetic eco-system. A system of rules that mirrors the hierarchy of semiotic experience; Object, the source of experience and fodder for future manipulation of our attachment to the Signified; Image, moving or otherwise, pierces our perception and hijacks our linguistic appreciation of Signified and Signifier, it references our own personal experience; Person, the consumer of experiences that traverses the space, consuming Objects and Images to assimilate or discard.