Andrew Pearson is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Fitzroy-Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.
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ANDREW PEARSON is a contemporary artist, based in Melbourne, Australia.
Since leaving Art School in 1985, Andrew has maintained interest in a varied art practice including music, writing, photography and the making of short films.
Mixed media and painting on canvas has become Andrews’ main focus.
Andrew employs the use of acrylics, gauche and epoxy resin, occasionally incorporating other media such as inkjet print of original Photoshop images, charcoal and graphite.

The resulting work is compelling, luxurious, often decadent. From the clarity of clean lines and rich colour to the rough immediacy of wall art/graffiti, finely textured brushwork and considered abstraction evident in most recent work.
Epoxy resin is used to create a glass-like reflective surface, intensifying a sense of depth, giving the images an hallucinatory resonance.

Andrew maintains a significant thematic eclecticism. Luxuriously decorative and moody floral images, bold text based pieces, abstracted city scapes and post pop portraits and deconstructions of contemporary culture are presented in an increasingly extensive body of work.