Dave Behrens is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Brisbane, CHERMSIDE, Queensland, Australia.
Dave Behrens image

Dave Behrens (db3) is a Brisbane based emerging artist. Self-taught, David has been painting for six years.

The conceptual drive for David’s work extends from traditional caveman art with added universal influences. Each completed canvas brings into play symbols, shapes and multiple shades of colour which are variations of the one primary colour used as the basis. David’s works have been described as “intrinsic and thought provoking yet visually spacious, with each piece telling a thousand different stories”.

Predominately using acrylic on canvas, David values art that is visually stimulating with his passion being abstract symbolism. His style comes to life in “Thinking Inside the Squares”, the title he labeled his collection, due to its ability to provide the observer with the opportunity to explore and interpret the many individual paintings on the one canvas and exploit their own imagination.

What started out as a hobby back in 2002, to fill some empty spaces on his walls at home, has now become a passion to bring vibrant colour and a look that is refreshingly different to the art scene of Brisbane and the wider population.

Dave has been experimenting and exploring the possibilities of painting numerous organized paintings on the one canvas to tell the stories of a fictional world, its civilization and their values, through the use of symbolic references and combining vibrant colours & textures of acrylic paint and other medium.

“My intention is for the observer to interpret these various paintings within a painting to make their own conclusions as to the relevant meaning of each work”, say Dave, adding that “I want to stimulate the visual senses of people looking at my work and to coerce them into looking at each individual painting. My work is representational of another world, another time, yet some similarities & references to cultures and civilizations here on Earth can be found in my work, so it has some familiarity to it and in other contexts, it doesn’t”.

Dave held his first solo exhibition in March 2007 at Circle Gallery, West End and participated in several group show events with other local Brisbane artists throughout 2008

Dave recently achieved his first art prize, winning the abstract section of the 2007 Maryborough Heritage Art Festival and more recently placed 3rd in the abstract section at the Utopia Art Awards.

Dave’s works can be found in private collections throughout Australia & New Zealand.