Laura Ann Jacobs is a female artist born in United States, currently working in California, United States.
Laura Ann Jacobs image

No longer bound by constraints of clothing alone, women may now have the delightful pleasure of deforming themselves from the inside out. Where once ribs were merely moved around and internal organs forced together by outside MAN-ipulations, now ribs are removed, secondary sex characteristics are sucked up and out like so much fatty tissue, and orbic lobes of the new ideal replace God given natural bestowments…
Today’s self-assertive, self-reliant, independent modern woman is more man made than ever before, still shaped by man’s DIC-tates.

Restricted from top to toe by more than just the garment now, woman’s very own bodies are paying the price of societal persuasion. Understanding the sway that even she herself feels to conform, Jacobs` work pokes fun at the lengths women are willing to go to attract the opposite sex‚Ķ while paradoxically glorifying it.

The advancement of feminism is countered by today’s ever-present porn industry and freaky surgery makeovers. The surreal circus-like atmosphere in which today we live, make Jacobs’ present body of work no less startling.

The titles of her pieces, integral to the works themselves, show that no irony is lost on this artist.