SAWADA MITSUHARU, CONTEMPORARY PAINTER is a male artist born in Japan, currently working in PARIS CREEK, France.


1978 Master from the Royal Academy of Arts from Bruxelles (Belgium)


1998-2001 Art professor – University of Hiroshima (Japan)
1996-1997 Guest professor – École Nationale Supérieure des
Beaux-Arts de Paris


2008 Museum of Sarreguemines (France)
2002 Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
2001 Museum of Kure, Hiroshima (Japan)
2000 Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1998 École des Beaux-Arts de Montparnasse, Paris (France)
1997 Nichido Gallery, Paris (France)
1995 Takashimaya Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1991 Miyako Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
1989 Daimaru Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
1982-87 Miyako Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
1981 Forme Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1980 Sogo Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
1979 Miyako Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
1978 Président Gallery, Anvers (Belgium)
1975 Miyako Gallery, Osaka (Japan)


2008 Museum of Kure (Japan)
2008 Arpège Gallery (France)
2008 Médiathèque de Sarreguemines (France)
2007 Museum of Kure (Japan)
2007 Tsubaki Gallery (France)
2006 Museum of Kure (Japan)
2006 Tsubaki Gallery (France)
2006 Varnier Gallery, Paris (France)
2006 Oyama Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
2005 Takashimaya Gallery, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto (Japan)
2005 Hankyu Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
2005 Mitsukoshi Gallery, Takamatsu (Japan)
2004 Korea International Art Fair (South Korea)
2004 Museum of Kure, Hiroshima (Japan)
2003 Hankyu Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
2003 Takashimaya Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
2002 Musée de Nara (Japan)
2002 Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
2001 JADA (Japan Art Dealers Association) 2001, Tokyo (Japan)
2001 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
2001 Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
2000 JADA 2000, Tokyo (Japan)
2000 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
2000 Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1999 JADA 1999, Tokyo (Japan)
1999 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1998 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1997 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1996 Kimura Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
1996 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1995 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1994 Museum of Lovere (Italy)
1993 Museum of Monaco (Monaco)
1993 Hôtel de Sens, Paris (France
1992 Arpège Gallery, Sarreguemines
1990-91 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1989 Museum of Ostende (Belgium)
1989 Museum of Vitry (France)
1988 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1988 Museum of Nabio, Osaka (Japan)
1987 Museum of Aichi (Japan)
1983-89 Miyako Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
1982-04 Nichido Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
1982-89 Sogo Gallery, Ehime (Japon)
1982-85 Museum of Kameya, Mie (Japon)
1975 Museum of Seibi, Osaka (Japan)


1995 Gold medal – Prix International des Arts Plastiques d’Unet
1994 1st prize in paintings – Concours international《Europe》
1993 Guest of honour – Principauté de Monaco – International
Contemporar Art prize of Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
1st prize in paintings, city of Othis (France)
1992 1st prize in paintings of Agazzi – Bergamo – Guest of
honour (Italy)
1990 Grand prix in paintings cum laude by the jury of the Prix
International d’Art Contemporain of Ostende (Belgium)
International prize in paintings – Vitry (France)
1983 3rd prize – Nichido – Tokyo (Japan)
1st prize – Kyoto – (Japan)
1978 Prize of Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles
1973 3rd prize of international contemporary art – Tokyo (Japan)


Museum of Sarreguemines (France)
Museum of Lovere (Italy)
Museum of Bergame (Italy)
Museum of Kure, Hiroshima (Japan)
Museum of Kameya, Mie (Japan)