Carlos L Romero is a male artist born in United States, currently working in North Carolina, United States.
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Carlos L Romero is an Avant-garde artist, specializing in digital paintings photo paintings and portraits.
In the Wikipedia definition Avant-garde means “advance guard” or “vanguard”, to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative.
Born in 1952 in Washington Heights-Harlem, NY; birthplace of the Harlem Renaissance, Carlos developed a passion for art and drawing at an early age while growing up in the Suburban North Bronx.
His family exposed him to all of the great Museums in NY such as The Met, The Modern and The Guggenheim, where the vast exhibitions of the Masters made a lasting impression on forming the young artist. In 1967, he attended Brooklyn Technical High School studying Industrial Design. Traipsing all over the newly forming SoHo, he began to absorb the new school of modernist painters and artists, profoundly shaping his Avant-garde style and future direction.
He attended Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn NY and was selected to exhibit in a SoHo gallery by an owner, willing to take a chance on an unknown. Instead he walked away from art and painting, not being able to realize on canvas, what was within in his mind.
The 80’s began a new era for the artist that saw him working mounting exhibits for well known African-American artists at the “Studio Museum of Harlem”, a short lived “Tremont Avenue” Bronx, NY gallery exhibit and a commissioned piece while working at “The Hansborough Recreation Center”; a trophy case for art deco style building in Harlem, NY, designed by Carlos and fabricated by The NY Department of Parks Carpentry Shop.
1996 with the advent of personal computing saw the spark that ignited, the Avant-garde artist with a vengeance to embark on a whole new direction of the realization of art that was always within his mind and sketches, now being able to take substance.