Dan Monceaux is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
Dan Monceaux image

Founder of Danimations, Dan Monceaux is a freelance artist who at the age of 27 has worked in a broad range of media. He brings to filmmaking strong experience as commercial and artistic photographer, illustrator, writer, composer and even actor. He enjoys seeking out and crafting narratives grounded in reality as much as he does exploring the formal relationships of sound and moving image. Artistically, Dan likes his work to stand alone. One fine art example was his ‘3D Glasses’ exhibition in April 2005 (supported by SAYAB) which aimed to and succeeded in breaking new ground with stereoscopic illusions. Dan has had experience as a composer, sound designer and storyboard artists on numerous films. He worked as a runner/production assistant on Bollywood feature ‘Love Story 2050’ in 2006, and was a drive-through extra on Australian feature, ‘Ten Empty’. Dan has explored Super8 film making, and his other love, animation, while scoring four short films in 2006: ‘Abstractions Nos. 1 & 2’, ‘Balloon: A Love Story’ and most recently ‘Ugh!’. These works demonstrate a flexibility that spans experimental, comic and documentary filmmaking genres.

Dan’s script-writing and animation work on ‘Karaoke Nomad Squad’ won Best Animation and Best Original Screenplay in the 2004 Zoom (now SA Short film) Awards, produced in partnership with another Adelaide based company, the People’s Republic of Animation. Dan also produced the music for the film. KNS’ success was followed by that of Coastal Crisis, which won him a Special Commendation in the EcoTVC awards and subsequent mentorship on ‘Ngapartji Ngapartji’- a Big h’Art performance and indigenous language based CCD project. Since meeting art art school in 2005, he has formed an unbreakable partnership with DOP and editor Emma Sterling. Their 16 minute documentary short ‘A Shift in Perception’, shot entirely on Super8 film is currently completing a successful international film festival circuit, including screenings in over thirty countries. It has won awards in Australia, the USA, the UK, France, Japan, Mexico and Canada (including four for ‘Best Film’) and has toured the USA as part of the prestigious Black Maria Film & Video Festival. Supported by SAYAB and the SAFC respectively, Dan and Emma attended IDFA (Amsterdam) last November where ‘A Shift in Perception’ enjoyed its international premiere and four further screenings. The pair also received funding from the SAFC to attend the Sydney Film Festival where the film aired recently.

In 2007, Dan was invited to speak at AIDC and share his experiences as an independent emerging director and producer. Co-production of an animated series ‘Cranky Pantz’ will begin shortly with Sydney production company, Playback Entertainment. Dan also continues to work with Emma Sterling on an experimental moving image body of work entitled ‘Supermarket’, which sees him enter the field of hybrid new media performance.