Luciana Perin is a female artist born in Italy, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Luciana Perin image

As a cross – cultural artist I am interested in exploring notions
of physical and psychological barriers and boundaries encountered through human ‘translocation” and ‘relocation’; the internal and external effects on people and how dislocation can shape our perceptions.

Installation 2007 -Video projection and Landscape Forms presents the
performative ritual…. of ‘pasta making’….a simple and mundane practice that gives cultural insight not only into a custom but into a personal landscape. Maintaining the translocated ‘usanza’ (custom) alive is a way of preserving…….ones identity and memory.
The use of a humble, domestic material evokes feelings of impermanence and vulnerability. The seppia (cuttlefish) coloured pasta
has an inherent fragility, as the pasta dries and cracks it expands…. changing slowly, resembling less the initial shaped form/s and original intention of the artist. The material appears stronger than it is, yet through its very organic nature is un-preservable, enabling one to understand how time re-shapes our reality and memories.

The work also attests to the loss in the transmission of traditional knowledge –in this instance… by mother to daughter or from father to son, in an industrial world where technology now replaces human connection and transmission with, instant artificial downloads of knowledge (from the internet).