darlingsisters is a female artist born in Germany, currently working in Spain.
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In 2006 Alex Zitzmann and Anso Raybaut met, creating and touring with the dance company Senza Tempo, where they realised they share the same interests in site specific art work and relating live art forms with the public. Interested in staying away from the idea of a fixed screen, they are exploring surfaces for projections and the relation between the audience, performance and the projected image. With the video performance “Cube Pusher” they created the first independent project, collaborating with artists from different backgrounds and disciplines (architecture, music, perfromance, film). which they presented at Loop Video Art Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

They are keen on learning to know new and different forms of artistic expressions, which they investigate by participating in workshops (such as Absent Interfaces. Workshop and seminar on Body and Technology, La Caldera, Barcelona; Workshop audiovisual real time creation, Public BCN; Augmented stage design, Telenoika.) and visiting art events (Venice Biennal, Documenta, Kassel;) and festivals (Tanz im August, Berlin; Fiar, Portugal, Sonar, Barcelona;)

All our projects have in common that they use an exceptional approach to demonstrate the broad possibilities of video-installation and performance. The borders between reality and the projected image become blurred, the spectator gets involved into the on-screen and stage actions. The whole space is converted into a new abstract world – a universe of projected image-objects, integrated space and live action, that can be stepped into and enjoyed by the viewers. A new dimension absorbs the existing space… and provides a novel consciousness of experiencing the space, making it tangible. The spectator is set into the art-space and becomes part of a different world.


Alex Zitzmann,
1975, Germany. Bachelor in Graphic Design at Bristol’s UWE School of Art, Media and Design, UK. She studies Fine Arts in Dresden. She works in graphic design, animation, illustration in different studios and creates video installations and live video in places such as the Documenta, Kassel,Germany; Caixa Forum, Palma de Mallorca, Fabbrica Europa Festival, Florence, Italy, Loop Video Festival, Barcelona.
She works in collaboration with musicians, architects, dance companies, video artists and programmers. In 2006 she started to collaborate with Senza Tempo in the show “la Canción de Margarita”.

Anso Raybaut-Peres,
1971,Niza. Bachelor in Communication at the University of Montpellier and in History of Art by the Louvre. She collaborates with different publicity and agencies related to the artistic field and moves to Barcelona in 2001. She collaborates in organizing itinerary exhibitions. She coordinated and managed L’Antic Teatre (alternative theatre in Barcelona) for two years, producing the shows
“Indignos” by the Amaranto Company and “Ecumes” by N Naranja. She occasionally collaborates in festivals such as Sonar (international festival of electronic music and visual arts/ Advance Music), Festival Fitag, Mecal Festival (international short film festival in Barcelona). Since August 2005, she has been working as promoter, distributer and road manager for Senza Tempo.