Angus Rayner is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
Angus Rayner image

Angus, a non conformist and life long doodler, began to express his emotions and creativity in paintings after witnessing the Port Arthur massacre in the Broad Arrow Cafe in Tasmania on 28th April, 1996. The details of the terrifying events of that day will always remain vividly etched in his mind and heavily influence his innovative approach to art. This experience has propelled him to push the boundaries of sensibility and explore.
His absolute adoration of the female form, coupled with a lifelong rebellion against rigidity, bureaucracy and social mores results in a pure unadulterated and unrestricted style juxtaposed against Mombassa, Picasso and pure individualism. His creations come alive in an array of bold and vivid colours in his Adelaide studio.
Angus’ art has also been influenced by his extensive travels around Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Asia, England, Ireland and France. In particular his surfing days and the life style this nomadic existence creates, along with time spent in Byron Bay, the Daintree rainforests and Africa have had a prolific impact on the tribal nature often found in Angus’ paintings.
Angus explores all mediums uninhibited enabling the emergence of his unique style in mediums of ink, gouache, gloss acrylics and oils. Art styles combining impressionism, abstraction and contemporary can be used to describe his style. However, he prefers to describe it as just simply “his Style”, a unique way of applying paint using screw drivers, wire and whatever is on hand at the moment, as well as traditional brushes and pallet knives.
Angus has exhibited in Adelaide and Melbourne and in the near future will increase his international exposure by living and painting in Europe.


Raynart Studio Gallery Solo Exhibitions

November 2008 – Unfuck the planet
May 2008 – Frivolity
February 2008 – The Mind Ponders, A Doodling retrospective
December 2007 – Reflection
July 2007 – Emotional digression
April 2007 – Burgeoning Revelation

Solo Exhibitions

2006 – Red Poles Gallery , McLaren Vale, Sth Australia
2006 – Adelaide Fringe Festival, Queens Arms Hotel, Sth Australia
2005 – The Citadel Exhibition Space, Goodwood, Sth Australia
2004 – Zab Gallery, Carlton, Victoria
2004 – Sala, East End Exchange Hotel, Adelaide Sth Australia
2003 – Gallery M, Marion, Sth Australia
2003 – Sala Festival, Charles Street, Norwood Sth Australia
2002 – Barry Newton Gallery, North Adelaide, Sth Australia
2002 – Neagles Rock Winery, Clare Valley, Sth Australia

Group Exhibitions

2006 – Artistic Licence – North Adelaide, Sth Australia
2005 – Gallery M, Marion, Sth Australia
2004 – Westminster College, Marion, Sth Australia
2004 – Immanuel College, Rostrevor, Sth Australia
2004 – Banque Up Art, North Adelaide, Sth Australia
2003 – Art Domain, Burnside, Sth Australia
2003 – Without Pier Gallery, Sandringham, Victoria
2003 – Customs Wharf Gallery, Williamstown, Victoria
2000, 01, 02, 03, 04 – Contemporary Art Centre of Sth Australia