Jasmine Maddock is a female artist born in United Kingdom, currently working in Merseyside, United Kingdom.
Jasmine Maddock image

Surrealist stuckist award winning artist a total one off unique satirical bizarre and imagination rich artwork of imagery from victorian men with duck feet to 30s film stars and myself combined with mini versions in our hair. I am snow white and hedy lamarr in looks and spike milligan rene magritte and much jasmine in my mind. I am an artist because i am my art no one else creates what i love to see and because people especially here dont like unusual old fashioned film star brunette beauty with unusual art talent its a very lonely and sad path but ultimately one i have to fulfil. Stop press! The liverpool biennial video i filmed for BBC liverpool is on http://www.bbc.co.uk/england/ and www.BBC.co.uk/liverpool08 and recent exhibition stuckist ‘an antidote to the ghastly turner prize’ view two gallery liverpool till nov 29. Described as ‘The best artist I have ever seen…gifted’ by Charles Moffat of The Lilith Gallery, Toronto, and ‘great’ by Charles Thompson of the Stuckist movement www.stuckism.com . Jasmine is also a full member of DACS. Jasmine’s work can be seen also on www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/yourgallery/jasminemaddock.

Commissions include :‘From Apple to Zebra’ children’s book for councillor William Waterworth of Wales a-z illustrations. Dot-Art(www.dot-art.co.uk)- their first commission, for C21C of surreal Liverpool Buildings entitled ‘Liverpool Lives’.

new member of 08 business connect- www.08businessconnect.com
November 2008 IATTDA Red Gate exhibtion ‘Memories’ London

July 2008 Go Pink charity auction of art for Linda Mc Cartney Centre Liverpool

Workshop: Formby Artists Association Liverpool- see image in portfolio- I created a drawing of a woman and members had to suggest surreal ideas I could draw onto it I was also filmed for this workshop!

Exhibitions include: The Egg Cafe, Liverpool, ‘Away with the faeries’ exhibition feat. in Metro paper

The Art House Dec 2007-Feb 2008
‘The Little People’ fairies exhibition, exhibiting/selling fairy cat work.
Emsworth, Westbourne.

Egg Cafe Jan-Feb 2008
‘Winter Blues 2’ exhibition, exhibited ‘Rain’ collage, Newington, Liverpool.