Derek Lerner is a male artist born in United States, currently working in New York, United States.
Derek Lerner image

Born 1974, Jacksonville, FL; Derek Lerner is a New York City-based artist with a BFA degree from the Atlanta College of Art. His work explores systems: the creation, control, and use of them. architectonic. power, media, information, misinformation, semantics, sociology, culture: counter-culture/over the counter culture, chaos, order, law, code, organized crime, databases, marketing, consumerism, transportation, etc.

Lerner has shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, IL, the Centre d’Exposition de Val-d’Or in Quebec, Canada, 31GRAND gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and Tomoya Saito Gallery in Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan.

He is a co-founder of the artist collective and creative services boutique GH avisualagency. He co-authored the “GH avisualagency” monograph which is currently available at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Tate Modern in London.

Lerner is also a co-founder and director of Art Center, a virtual exhibition space showing the work of selective contemporary artists, based in the metaverse Second Life.

He is a collaborator of metacollaborative, creative innovators coming together for life enhancing projects.