patrick christie is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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Some artists are born with an irrepressible talent. Some work over the course of a lifetime to nurture and refine a solid technique. Patrick Christie takes it all in his meticulously detailed inks on paper, spiced with a dash of his own cheeky outlook

After a serious horse-riding accident in 2001 while working as a horse trainer, Christie broke his fingers on both hands. "When the doctor suggested to just patch me up because he assumed I didn’t use my hands for any particular skill I said, “I do actually!” That’s when I knew I had to take my art seriously before it was taken away from me. I found the best hand surgeon available and a long rehabilitation process began."

The accident proved to be a pivotal turning point in Christie’s life from which time he chose to develop his passion of drawing into a career as a visual artist.

Dipping the finest nib available into an inkwell at a relentless pace, the detail that Christie has captured in each drawing has been painstakingly drawn over many hours, days and weeks.

Selected illustrations—originals and limited edition prints—are enhanced with a single word boldly hand embossed onto the archival paper.