Michael Mapes is an artist.
Michael Mapes image

Born in Fort Knox, Kentucky and later moved to Illinois. Painted his first portrait (family) at age three on non-archival paper. Remembers his first family vacation as watching jets take off and land at St. Louis airport. At age seventeen, decided not to study art at Rhode Island School of Design. Formally educated as a graphic designer from the University of Illinois. Worked in Chicago and New York in design offices, though not as a designer, before leaving to contemplate in Chapel Hill, NC and Urbana, IL. Formed the business MINC , a product development company, selling to retail stores, direct mail catalogues and museum gift shops. Obtained an MFA and chose not to pursue teaching. Created a range of products over twenty years including t-shirts printed with guides to bird droppings and red wine stains, selling hundreds of thousands of shirts. Created the products for The Brooklyn Museum show “Sensation” and shortly thereafter, stopped making gift products. Worked in video, producing the three-minute-talk-show, The Corn Mo Show. First and last work in film, producing and editing first feature (for the head writer of “Two and a Half Men” and creator of “Mike and Molly”). Returned to the studio and art in 2005 and began producing the “specimen collections”. Lives in Croton Falls, New York with a pleasant view of hills and the train.