Brandon McLean is an artist.
 Brandon McLean image

Brandon McLean started making art after a blood clot bombarded the right side of his brain, resulting in a stroke back in May of 2000. A young man, a son, thinker, artist, covert achiever who is happy with his imaginary worlds, and minimal responsibilities, but feels the pressures of an objectionable world and the impossibilities of living up to what his father was. So he makes things up; a de-personalization from today.
More than anything I aim to not take art that seriously, instead I intend to take the process into the unknown. Emerging myself in the mysterious bits of the art pieces and the characters they portray. Embarking on these so-called character excursions, collecting odd remnants of lives, the heroes you never knew, and the ghosts they became. There is much to discover in mystery, and in looking at these faces you can’t help but be really, really curious about them.

This also allows for the viewer to develop their own conclusions and questions into the images, and an on-going dialogue can occur. Often times the story that emerges from the viewers mind far exceeds my own, or perhaps even that of the actual person. It’s good to pretend sometimes.
Art is very much the best place for me to work out and explore my often time weird and quirky observations of this world.

I am definitely more interested in setting up a space, and environment, than say individual pieces spaced out proportionally on a wall. I feel the surrounding pieces feed off one another, enriching the over-all feel of the installation. Not intent on selling everything, but more intent on collecting and hauling in randomness to compliment the space.

I am always looking for future opportunities in the art making process. Anything from installations, to mural pieces, or small art works they are all a step to advance the journey. I would love the opportunity to set up something in your place of business, gallery, home, restaurant, bar, tree fort; wherever. I also partake in some computer based design work, from clothing design, board sport graphics, film and video work, and whatever else the day brings.