Andy Pawlan is an artist.
Andy Pawlan image

“I have been creating sculpture, art furniture, and fiber art for over thirty years. Irony and whimsy dominate my art. Resurfacing found objects is a way for me to express dichotomies like inner meaning versus outer meaning, façade versus core, child-play versus grown-up despair. The objects are chosen for their relationship to our present culture and their sculptural interest, positive and negative spatial relationships, and scale. Using glass seed beads that are both translucent and iridescent accentuates the play of light on the object and gives one the richness one finds in tapestries and mosaics. Gluing one bead at a time on an object satisfies my obsessive nature and gives each piece a power. The patterning and color relationships are mostly derived from nature, particularly felines, reptiles and insects.”