Paul Romano is an artist.
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Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer living and working in Philadelphia. He grew up in the very same city and studied at the University of the Arts and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

He began his professional career in the early 90s as an in-house illustrator and designer creating educational software for children. As technology boomed, myriad options fell before him: random illustration work, creating a successful line of greeting cards, web design, and partnership in a small branding and design firm. While commercial design was lucrative, a void was left in the expression of Romano’s background in, and love of, fine art.

In 2000 he switched gears to pursue a client base that would marry his recent education in brand design with his long time adoration of fine art. This pursuit led Romano to the music industry. His work concentrates on the visual identity of the band from the album art to merchandise and staging: a complete package extensively researched and thought out to cross media and maintain an integrity as it falls far from his own hands.
Recently Romano set out on an ambitious year long project, of producing 1000 works at 10”x10”. Romano describes the project as both and exercise and exorcise – through mediums and of ideas. The goal is to come out the other side of the project with a better understanding of his personal aesthetic as well as the questions he asks himself about of the role of art.