Sujan Biswas is a male artist born in India, currently working in India.
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Sujan Biswas

The art of Sujan Biswas is an exploration of several forms within a given space, where harmony and balance are given a severe test and come off with flying colours. This discipline of piecing together several metaphors on a given canvas space makes the artist a visionary who does not look at either Nature or Man in splendid isolation but as cogs of a giant wheel, with components of human limbs and mechanical parts pinned, clogged and re-formed into contraptions, faintly recognizable in their parts and yet familiar and recognisable in their holistic format.

Besides the posturing of limbs and engineering tools, the artist’s discerning eye conjoins these precisely chosen images to formulate his take on the present state of affairs, the subjugation of the human being to the demands of a mechanical lifestyle, where nature is mangled and manipulated into flattened forms, ghostly skeletons and muted sufferers amidst the mayhem all around. Indeed the very laws of natural existence have been upturned so that beasts of burden ride astride human shoulders and humans are nursed on the milk of mares. In these fantasy-filled otherworldly references, with its many-layered imagery, there is no angst or anxiety, but simply an urge to relate to the circumstantial pieces of evidence all around.

All this subtle exploration of the current scenario is depicted with great sophistication. An artist with a penchant for experimentation Sujan Biswas has not stopped at acrylic and colour alone. He exploits the possibilities of line and ink to detail his depictions into a means of communication. The colour play is through muted applications using a single colour reference as the start point. The drama lies in the forefront while the understated backdrop remains a witness to the vibrant happenings in the forefront.

Thus his works titled stylishly as ‘Nirbaak’( speechless), or ‘Slide Share’ or’ Transformation’, portray the living throbbing reality of our world through a lexicon of interpretative symbols laced with fantasy and reality making his works the currency that is being transacted in the marketplace of contemporary existence.

Solo Exhibition:

2012: “Reversed Identity” Paintings and Drawings at Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.

2011: “Trees: Mankind” Paintings and Drawings at India Habitat Centre IHC, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

2010: “Tree Of Life” Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture at Indian Council for Cultural Relations ICCR, Azad Bhavan, NEw Delhi.