Josephine Skinner is an artist born in United Kingdom, currently working in Australia.
Josephine Skinner image

We are the stars of our own covers, remakes, and adaptations. Idealised narratives aren’t separated by a screen but are things we inhabit. Our self productions are broadcast far and wide to vast and to imagined audiences, and we’re now more together, more creative, more unique, more the same…. or maybe we’re just the same. Driven by the same dreams and desires and plagued by the same flaws and failures. Fluffing lines on the autocue, out of time with the karaoke, understudy in our own tragic biopic…

Fascinated by the convergence of private reality and social fictions Josephine Skinner transforms audio and visual material mined from YouTube into spectacles that are as emotive and immersive as they are banal and flawed. Plucking home performances, Top 10 movie moments, self help seminars, spiritual affirmations and heartfelt clichéd poems from the visual glut and digital fragmentation, she reforms them into kinds of hyper-narratives that aim to reveal collectively shared desires, the deep affect that popular culture generates and the way we remix it to remix ourselves.

Josephine Skinner is a Sydney based artist whose work playfully probes modes of self production through installations that reuse videos from YouTube. Her art practice currently constitutes her research as a Ph.D candidate in Media Arts at the University of New South Wales, having graduated in Critical Fine Art Practice BA (Hons) in the UK.

In 2013 she features in the group exhibition The Social at Campbelltown Arts Centre and will present new work in With Open Arms, a curated screen series at BLINDSIDE gallery, Melbourne. In 2012 she presented the solo exhibition Hopelessly Devoted at MOP Projects, Sydney, and in 2011 her work screened in festivals in Sydney, Melbourne and the US. She is assistant curator at Stills Gallery where she curated the photomedia and video exhibition Love Sick, a dual-venue project in association with Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Art Centre in 2010, and co-curated Mostly Agree in 2012. Her writing has been published in Artlink, RealTime, Runway and UN magazines.