Nabakishore Chanda is a male artist born in India, currently working in India.
Nabakishore Chanda image

For Nabakishore Chanda, painting is the spontaneous expression of the creative impulse within him. A self trained artist, this latent ability was unleashed one fine day, when he was urged by a friend to complete a painting he was casually working on. From then on, Nabakishore began his rendition of beautiful, mythopoeic painting dominated by lines and colours.
Born in 1964 on 4th January in a remote village of West Bengal, his emergence as an artist was not very easy as from childhood itself he had to fight against tremendous financial odds. Today he is a senior lecturer in a South Kolkata college and also a budding name in the field of painting. He has earned accolades from renowned artists and has many exhibitions to his credit. He has also designed covers of books and his work has recently been used in a documentary on Shakti Chattopadhyay.
Solo Exhibition:-(1)2004Birla Academy of Art & Culture,kolkata,India(2)2007-Samokal Art Gallery,Kolkata,India(sponsored)(3)2008-PegasusArt Gallery,Hyderabad,India(sponsored).
Group Exhibition:-
1. 2003 – Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata, India.
2. 2003 – Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi, India.
3. 2005 – Chemold Art Gallery, Kolkata, India.
4. 2005-06 – Abstract Art Gallery, Bangalore, India. (sponsored)
5. 2006 – Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata India. (sponsored)
6. 2006 – Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India.
7. 2006 – New Times Book & Arts Shop, Kolkata, India. (sponsored)
8. 2006 – Gallery 79, Kolkata, India. (sponsored)
9. 2006 – Gallery 79, Kolkata, India. (sponsored)
10. 2007 – Ashutosh Birth Centenary Hall, Kolkata, India. (sponsored)
11. 2007 – Metropolitan Art Saloon, Kolkata, India.
12. 2007 – 25th Baisakh Art Gallery, Kolkata, India.
13. 2007 – Gallery 79, Kolkata, India. (sponsored)
14. 2007 – Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, India. (sponsored)

1. 2003 – Rajya Charukala Parsad. W.B., India.
2. 2006 – Rajya Charukala Parsad. W.B., India.
3. 2007 – Rajya Charukala Parsad. W.B., India.
4. 2006 – Flower Show, Forest Dept., Govt. of W.B., India.
5. 2003 – Achin Patua, Street Exhibition, Kolkata, India.
6. 2006 – Ichhapur Artist Forum, WB. India.
7. 2007 – Achin Patua, Street Exhibition, Kolkata, India.
8. 2007 – Oriental Society of India Art, Kolkata, India (Guest Artist).

1. Calcutta Tramwayman – Dr. Siddhartha Guha Roy.
2. Naljatak – Rabin Pyne.
3. 2007 – Saradiya Joka Samachar.
4. Paintings have been used in a documentary on Shakti Chattopadhyay, directed by Suranjan Roy.

Kolkata, Delhi, Alipurduar, Baroda, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Barong (Sikkim), Oman, Liverpool, Manchester, Washington,Canada.