Jazmina Cininas is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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Jazmina Cininas is a Melbourne based printmaker, arts writer and lecturer who has exhibited regularly for the past decade both nationally and internationally. Her work is held in numerous state and national collections including the National Gallery of Victoria, Australian National Gallery, Victorian Arts Centre, Alice Springs Art Foundation, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Silk Cut Foundation, Edith Cowan University, City of Banyule and the City of Fremantle collections.

Jazmina’s Masters exhibition The Girlie Werewolf Project and her current PhD project The Girlie Werewolf Hall of Fame reflect a long-standing fascination with representations of female werewolves and their role as barometers of social change. As such, Jazmina’s research draws on a wide range of interrelated historical fields such as mediaeval theology, attitudes to sexuality, criminal law and definitions of sanity, along with feminist environmentalism. Historical records of psychiatric and criminal cases, documented witch hunts and werewolf trials and other cultural references such as literature, folklore, cinema, the internet and her own Lithuanina heritage all serve to inform Jazmina’s research and practice.

Jazmina works predominantly with the reduction linocut technique, in which the block is progressively cut into, then re-inked and reprinted. Hand cut paper stencils are used to control areas of colour and it is not possible to produce any more prints once the edition is complete. The larger prints take around 600 hours to produce. Her work may be viewed at Port Jackson Press Australia, Melbourne; James Makin Gallery, Melbourne; Jenny Port Gallery, Melbourne; and Impressions on Paper Gallery, Canberra.

Jenny Port Gallery, Melbourne, Australia