Michael St. Amand image

St Amand uses a multi-disciplined approach to his art making – painting, printmaking, digital art, video, sculpture, installations, and mixed media constructs. The artist’s work cannot be classified within a particular generation of art movements. St Amand’s style is an amalgamation of Avant-Garde, Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, and Color-Field Painting. The artist focuses on the basic elements of an artwork – color, shape, and composition but deliberately chooses materials to psychologically evoke certain kinds of feelings.

St Amand’s paintings affect the space in which they hang. His use of multi-layered raw, vibrant color and fluorescent pigments put the viewer on the spot. His paintings vibrate with energy and light causing the art to interact with the audience; they feel where the energy from one source is going to another source, and one color moving to another color. The artwork reflects glaring bursts of color back at the viewer, necessitating a multi-angled tour of the canvas in order to form a complete image of it. Because of the way light reacts to the fluorescent pigments, the paintings change as ones physical relationship to them changes. St Amand’s paintings have almost a cinematic quality that produces a sense of the painting changing in front of a viewer’s eyes.

There is nothing “quick” about St Amand’s work. His art needs time to be ingested, digested, and contemplated. Messages are coming from all sides — political, social, cultural, sexual, and aesthetical – it’s in there. St Amand juxtaposes the sacred with the profane and leaves the viewer to determine where on the continuum their perceptions lie. “All the objects are just objects. As with all art, it is what the viewer brings to it,” St Amand says of his work. “It is the viewer’s own – very personal – reactionary emotion or self-analysis. Whether it is disdain or shock, passion or compassion, every person will create his or her own truth – now attached to the work.” This is at the heart of St Amand’s work. As art, his pieces are unique, beautiful and visually engaging. As social commentary, they are thought provoking. His work inspires conversation and insight into the artist’s world, the world in which we all share, and the very personal world created within each individual.