Aaron Citti is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Aaron Citti image

Aaron Citti was born in Adelaide, Australia 1979. He received his first camera at the young age of 5 and spent his childhood years enthusiastically taking photographs of nature at every possible opportunity. His parents were avid travellers, frequenting, the remote parts of Australia. These early childhood holidays allowed him to experience the rawest parts of the Australian outback, capturing his heart and igniting his passion for the photographic art form.

Aaron’s intent is straightforward: “my photographs are of scenes taken to arouse interest, conversation, to stir you, to make you wonder. I want to capture an impression as though you had just walked into the scene – like a film, paused at a dramatic moment– you know something is about to happen but you don’t know what. The scene is full of drama and mystery, it’s full of energy and stillness at the same precise moment and it beckons you to fill in the gaps; create the story or finish it. “What is about to happen?, What has just happened?” My photograph becomes your story.”