Jennifer webb is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
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Jennifer Webb, Artist in residence at Port Art Gallery, has been consistently painting Melbourne, portraying various water views around Melbourne city since her nostalgic return from living outside of Australia . Seeing Melbourne through new eyes had renewed her long term endearment to the city as a source of inspiration in her paintings. Other subjects appear in her series, but throughoiut the recent years the skylines have dominated. In the most recent direction in this new semi-abstract, neo-impressionistic series, her chosen theme (Melbourne skylines) still inspires but the scenes have been stripped back and reinterpreted into their most basic and essential abstract shapes.These studies in implied line, form and colour have very little of the figurative detail of her previous Melbourne paintings, but all of the textures, ambience and mood with hints of recognisable landmarks as subtle yet significant focal points.