sunayana malhotra is a female artist born in India, currently working in India.
sunayana malhotra image
Born 1974 at Delhi, Sunayana Malhotra, studied English literature for her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, and then did a course in interior design from Apeejay Institute, before training in painting and sculpture at Triveni Kala Sangam to focus full time on her passion for art. With consistent practice and two short courses in mixed media and abstraction at the Central Saint Martins’ in London, she has worked to refine her form and technique. Her repertoire includes paintings, digital and video art, and sculpture; in a semi realistic style and a mix of abstraction and figuration. Working in series and a mix and match of media, her art adorns a colorful look. Her initial work featured iconic portraits and human figures often of semi-clad or nude couples in different moods and posturing, amidst a lush landscape of creepers and flowers with musical instruments and embellished with masks and crowns. Marked for a skillful brushwork, in a bright palette and carefully built texture, her earlier compositions encompassed whirls and bands generating a meditative ambiance. Innovating in spirit, Sunayana now works in new materials and different genres. She is currently working in a photo-realistic style and experiments with sculpture, digital and video art. A marked change is noticeable in her recourse. There is an interesting mix of the urban and rural milieu in her art that represents a rich tapestry of images and ideas inspired by her encounters during exploratory photographic voyages. Contemporary Indian city-scape, where the old and the new, the poor and the rich co-exist is featured in her surrealist imagery overlaid with graphic markings. The thrust of her creativity has clearly traversed from a more painterly stance to a layered conceptual and digital media genre in this series, while the imagery rotates around her spontaneous response to the changing Indian metro-scapes and the daily struggles of its inhabitants as featured in her most recent work titled Blow Horn. “For me drawing the female form comes naturally it is a way for me to express my thoughts or reflect on them. For me the female form is not glorified or portrayed to please any male voyeristic attitude or as the media portrays it but it is of a real woman whose body tells of her journey from puberty. To motherhood to her breast feeding days to finally menopause even though she camouflages herself a woman looks at her own self with disgust at the changes she undergoes and also uses it as a medium to seduce in my work u will always see a lone woman standing. The woman also balances the world she creates as in her lover, spouse, children and the world that exists outside.”