Julie Clarke is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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Julie Joy Clarke is an artist, writer and cultural theorist who has exhibited artwork in Australia, Egypt, Italy, Russia and Texas. Her articles have been published widely in academic books and journals in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway and America. She has recently published her first book from her PhD Thesis. It is entitled:
‘The Paradox of the Posthuman: Science Fiction/Techno-Horror Films and Visual Media’, VDM Verlag, Dr Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG Germany. ISBN-10: 3639143795; ISBN-13: 978-3639143799
Her creative writing and visual poetry is held in rare book archives in Melbourne, Holland, Italy, Russia and USA.
She is currently Honorary Fellow in Screen studies at The University of Melbourne where she completed her PhD in Cinema in 2004. She continues her art practice from painting/installation/digital prints to an abiding interest in Photography.
Her most recent exhibitions are:
“The Body and the City: A Poem in Three Parts”, Atrium Annex Gallery, Architecture Building, the University of Melbourne 3-25 March, 2011 and currently, “Aut(o)ptics(o)ma”, Graduate Centre Printroom Gallery, 1888 Building, The University of Melbourne, 18 April to 18 May, 2011.