Lin Fangsuo is a male artist born in China, currently working in China.
Lin Fangsuo image

Lin Fangsuo is a conceptual artist. He select a medium based upon his concept. He is interested in the social problems of the current Chinese transitional period. He considers video art as a weapon to intervene in society. Recently, he used video, installation, image and mixed media to investigate social problems arising in the Chinese commercial flux.
Most recent performances:
2009: “Cantocore: Free On Board”, MISSION 17, San Francisco, USA
2008: “Idea Media”,contemporary art and Beijing HongWan Museum, Beijing,China
2008: “Streaming Festival”, ISFTH foundation and Artikraak spaces,Hague, Netherlands
2008: “Nine Two Eight Click Exhibition”,Outer 1 culture dynamic institution ,Shanghai,China
2008: “Cantocore: Import/Export in Guangzhou exhibition“, Ping Pong Space, Guangzhou, China
2008: “China’s video art exhibition“, seagull arts and media resource centre,Calcutta,India
2008: “One Minute Film & Video Festival“,Aarau ,Switzerland
2008: “809 International New Image Art Festival“,809 International Art District in the Three Gorges area, China.
2008: “Video Art Festival Miden“(The Video Art Festival of Kalamata), Kalamata ,Greece
2008: “Self-Experience –Young Artists Group Show”, Platform China-space, Beijing,China
2007: “Pocket Film Festival 2007“, Forum des images, Paris, France