Susie Leahy Raleigh is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
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Susie Leahy Raleigh
Artist Statement

Susie’s work consists of abstract paintings that endeavour to stimulate the senses and provoke an intoxicating affect in the viewer. The paintings are made by pouring transparent and metallic inks onto Perpex, this pouring process allows Susie to abandon control and be open to spontaneous happenings, as well as portray a dynamic energy. The paintings are informed by a personal response to atmospheric phenomena, altered states of mind and consciousness. The work explores psychedelic ideas and aesthetics, as well as light, energy and reflections. Recent works also explore the process of producing new hues by layering transparent colours. This aspect of the work evolved from the exploration of light, illumination and reflections, as well as an intense interest in the science behind colour theory. The paintings are suspended off the wall to enhance the coloured reflections from the transparent inks and to add another interesting element of contemplation.