Max Dingle is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Australia.
Max Dingle image

In my work I have at the back of my mind various beliefs, rituals, poetry, stories and myths to inform abstract images expressed in paint and steel. In the past I have been influenced by Greek myths and currently the poetry of Spanish poet and playwright Fredrico GarcĂ­a Lorca.

The above provides a mindset or a framework, in an effort to give the works enough in common to hang together in an exhibition. However each work produced is a stand alone without any need to reference other works, mythology or historical art practice.

At a fundamental level my art is ultimately influenced by a number of other factors, these include contemporary dance, such as Melbourne’s Chunky Move, Adelaide’s Australian Dance Theatre and the Sydney Dance Company, the art of others that I have been exposed to, especially the artists whose works are on the walls of my home, the art I live with every day. By the landscape and environment I live in, the bush and garden at my home.