geoffrey gorman is a male artist born in France, currently working in New Mexico, United States.
geoffrey gorman image

Geoffrey Gorman creates a magical landscapef of provocative animals. A careful student of animal behavior, Gorman gives each animal qualities of both familiarity and foreignness.

As Gorman constructs his animals and figures, he also constructs stories that bring them to life. His imagination places these creatures in a specific environment with intriguing personality traits. The dialogue informs the expression, emotions, gestures and even the clothing that appears. According to Gorman, Paniscus, a baboon he recently created, has been living in the wild and on his own for a long time. Nomadic life seems to have made him even healthier and stronger than when he worked in a carnival. Vestiges of the carnival days are still apparent such as the weathered coat he is wearing. It was fabricated from the banner advertising the show. Bent grommets and faded writing are still visible. Remnants from the metal collar and chain can be seen around his neck, now aged and rusted. Before abandoning the carnival he took the battered name plate from his cage and reattached it on his outstretched arm, a reminder of his past. In one hand he cradles an ancient ornamental ball, a playful toy from his previous life, which is now a reassuring object.

Pancius and other creatures and stories fabricated by Gorman are symbolic of the human and animal condition. The viewer can extrapolate their own story from the skeleton provided by Gorman. Are we able to live and be happy in many environments? Do we find comfort in remnants of our past? Do animals cherish the same emotions and memories that humans have? Are we constantly in an internal and external battle to remove the cages that bind us?

Gorman examines the lives of his animals and captures their essence with an assortment of very ordinary materials such as local wood and rusted and recycled materials. The viewer is immediately engaged with the animal.

Gorman recently returned from participating in art fairs in Beijing, China, Chicago, and Palm Beach, Florida. Gorman has also been commissioned to create the stage sets for a new opera called “Language of Birds,” for Santa Fe New Music, which will premiere at the Lensic Performing Art Space in 2009.