Monika Wright is a female artist born in Canada, currently working in Canada.
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Monika Wright
Visual Artist, SCA

Monika creates art in Halifax, Nova Scotia – and sometimes elsewhere, when she’s travelling the world. As an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), a member of Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS), a member of Artspa and ViewPoint Gallery, she is actively engaged in her own art and photography practice as well as that of her fellow artists.

Her mixed media paintings and fine art photography are held in private and corporate collections in Canada, the USA and South America. She exhibits regularly at ViewPoint Gallery, Art Sales and Rentals at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Swoon Fine Art, Copper Fox Gallery, the Jason AleXander Gallery and Ayrspace Gallery. Her work has been published in International Women Celebrate, in the 50th Anniversary Edition of Enroute Magazine and in Echoes of Elizabeth Bishop.

Creating is a way of communicating with people on a subliminal level. Circles are universal symbols of unity, wholeness and infinity. My art draws attention to the man made boundaries and dogmas that keep us separate from one another by presenting fantastical rearrangements of our world: territorial, geographic, religious and economic; imagining a transformation and rearrangement of priorities. We are all part of one puzzle, divisible only by our own thoughts and actions. My hope is to see the impossible become possible, to see fantasy become reality, to see a world of mutual respect and cooperation.

With the vibrancy and fluidity of my images, I hope to ignite connections. Beauty can be the starting point for appreciation across borders. Perhaps it will be followed by the easy flow of thought, emotion and ideas. Lofty goals, indeed, but I would love to inspire awareness that with understanding and gratitude for what we share here on earth, great change is possible. In a world obsessed with darkness, I want to introduce light, hope and joy. We are all part of one world. What we choose to see and believe will determine how we live, not just where we live.

Using an organic approach to create my artwork, I combine mediums such as foil, paper, dissolved ink, paper, acrylic, wood and resin in varying proportions to create works that are spontaneous, vibrant and full of hope and possibility for the planet and it’s inhabitants.