Tassos Kaliakatsos is a male artist born in Greece, currently working in Greece.
Tassos Kaliakatsos  image

Live and work Athens and Paris.

By Lida Kazantzaki
“I Avgi” newspaper April 2011

The artwork of the artist Tassos Kaliakatsos characterized mainly by the courage to confront with different types and qualities of artistic expression.We see figures, coming from his biography, as the great grandfather, formed with the compact and earthy forms of folk and Byzantine art immersed in colorful patches of impressionism.We see images of the illuminated trees lights and pictures of human beings, focused on a particular gesture or posture, be transformed into abstract sculptures without special features.Confronted with explosive touches of Pollok and liquid forms of “Wild Youth” encountered through the simple, rhythmic lines and the Dionysian person-masks, of their standards from the first decades of the 20th century, the Germans Expressionists of the “Bridge” and “Blue Rider”.Follow the automatic writing with the stylus, which transforms the representational imprinted human hand at a Chinese ideogram and leads us to abstract the recent pictures.We see forms as the “three musicians” Picasso to transform according to the standard three-monkey-do not see, no hear, no speak-in forms that have marked the modern Greek, post-civil war society: the police officer who does not see the priest who does not listen, the exile who left in the mouth gagged, unable to speak. While the instruments of music converted to engraving tools.The artwork of Tassos Kaliakatsos highlights, in an era of widespread confusion of forms and ideas of art as a means of emancipation, with tool knowledge of history.