Santina Amato is a female artist born in Australia, currently working in United States.
Santina Amato image

My work combines performance, video, sculpture and site-specific contexts to explore femininity and the female identity. Voyeuristic in it’s approach and adopting a deceptively childlike charm, logic and aesthetic, my work instantly transports the viewer into a feminine surrealist wonderland, a fairytale-esque environment that explores the “in-between”, the tension that lies both within the physical and psychological space of the female identity.

My interest lies in how video can be used within a context that is removed from our everyday experience of the moving image. Most of my videos are without a beginning, middle or ending and are usually no longer than a minute or two. Looped and formed becoming a repetitive feature or pattern of performative gestures, these videos simply become a moving component of the final work sitting beside or included into three-dimensional objects such as a dolls house dining table or a domestic fly screen door. The audience is invited to meander through and around my installations, both physically and mentally. These ‘environments’ become a place of contemplation, of instigation, of imagination.

My attempt is to subvert conventional notions of video by deconstructing linear ideas of time and space, resulting in a sculptural redefinition of the moving image.