Pranaay Katke is a male artist born in India, currently working in United States.
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PRANAAY KATKE ( b. 1976 )

Mumbai-born artist Pranaay Katke a self taught art photographer today brings himself to the world for the 1st time. After 13 years of experience, service and contribution to the master professionals in the varied fields of art… from architecture, advertising, writing, photography, film-making & theatre along with his diploma in Interior Design in 1997 and Advertising Arts in 1998, he is recognised today as a multi-talented artist with an absolute vision by his peers and his audience. 2006 his 1st art photography work was exhibited amongst 150 topmost artists of India in Tao Art Gallery in Mumbai. He was the youngest amongst them and made news for his record breaking sale by an Art Photographer in India that year.

His collectors are some of the leading corporate families, politicians and celebrities of India.

Statement :

“ My artistic journey has been very spiritual and of self growth as a person and as an artist. Art has kept me rooted, grounded and made me a mature human being. I believe in every existential pattern, form, religion, race or culture. Every field requires your artistic skills and abilities to perform or practice your profession. Art for me is my karma and the path I will always be true to. I also wish to be a contributing member to the rural and youth development of any developing nation, as time comes through my art.”