Richard Gaudion Darvall is a male artist born in United Kingdom, currently working in Australia.
Richard Gaudion Darvall   image

Born: Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK.

Education: Barclay, Stevenage, Herts, UK.

Home: St Kilda East, Melbourne, Australia.

Study: (BA) Hons, Fine Art & Art History,
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

Medium: pen, pencil & pastel drawing, painting, collage.

Likes: Dada 1920s, French Poster Art 1940s,
Pop Art 1950s, collage 1960s, street art.

Collage sources: personal artifacts and nostalgic curiosities such as train tickets, record covers and images from vintage children’s books.

Exhibition: Beside the Seaside.

Current series: Genartrification.

Image: Ned Kelly Robot #1
(Collage on wooden panel, 2013)

Original work sold before exhibition.

Framed prints available.

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Artist Statement.

I would like to talk briefly about the three mediums I use.
Drawing, collage and painting.
It’s a love triangle.

Drawing is a divine mystery to me.
You can never stop learning.
I always have pencils, pens or oil pastels on my person.
I love a quick sketch.
It’s amazing what you can create with a few well-placed scribbles.
The oil pastels come out for large, expressionistic works where colour is king.

The art and history of collage fascinates me.
I love the process of reinvention. How a striking picture from a vintage children’s book, for example, can be ripped from it’s former existence and be planted into a new world, where it suddenly enjoys a new identity, purpose and meaning.

My painting style is swift, bold, vibrant and direct.
No fancy stuff.
I keep a basic palette.
Red, white, blue and black.
Simple and primal.
I am not too concerned with hyperrealism and detail.
Hopefully, my paintings evoke an immediate sensation and emotional atmosphere.
Character, expression and humour are essential.

I do not copy anybody’s work.
I simply do whatever I feel like doing.
Do you know the strangest thing?
Sometimes I do not even think about what I am doing.
It just happens.
There is a big blank page. A white canvas.
Whatever is going to be born emerges from nothingness, and, curiously enough, has always been there.
I am as surprised as anybody when a new artwork says it is finished.

Richard Darvall,
Melbourne, Australia.