Peter Ryan/Furious Ennui is a male artist born in Australia, currently working in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Peter Ryan/Furious Ennui image

Award winning creative photographer, FuriousEnnui/Peter Ryan works across many genres of photographic art.

He was a winner for “Most Powerful Transformative Experience” image in the Australian Kodak Salon 2010, the largest open entry exhibition/competition in that country.

Peter’s first solo exhibition, “Oh-fence-ive Power and Passion” is showing from 28th August until 8th Spetember 2010 at The Highway Gallery, 14 The Highway, Mount Waverley, Vic, Australia.

A new solo show is planned for early 2011, and plans are in the works for a third later next year.

His work has appeared in major publications such as “The Age” newspaper magazines (a major Australian daily broadsheet) and sports magazines. He has participated in numerous photographic art exhibitions at the Brunswick St Gallery, CCP, The Highway Gallery, Roar 2, Linden St Gallery, Southgate and The City of Greater Dandenong Community Art Gallery, has stewarded a major Australian photographic competition (the Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show), judged the Dandenong Agricultural Show’s photographic competition and is an active member of several photography forums.

Peter holds a Certificate of Illustrative Photography (Fine Art) from Photography Studies College, South Melbourne and has a keen interest in the philosophy of fine art photography from both technical and artistic communication perspectives. He is currently working on a series of “how-to” articles on developing and training creativity as a photographer.

His current work is in the genres of architecture/urban life, landscapes, performance arts, portraiture and conceptual works, much of it in a minimalistic and more abstract styles that emphasise emotion over content.

His work is typified by distinctive compositions, spatial tension, juxtapositions and relationships of subjects within the frame, and by extending the reach of the images out of the frame by creating a dialogue between artist and viewer via the agency of the image.

Comments on work by Peter Ryan/FuriousEnnui

“As with many of this author’s work, this work displays strong abstract and ultra-realism over tones. Near solid colour gives the feel of a modern abstract painting and reminds me of Rothko.”

“You do a great job picking out shots many others would simply walk past.”

“Simplicity but impact, beautiful capture of nature.”

“…simplicity at its best…”

“A master artist, in a parable, might be found sitting on the top of a high mountain. In this parable, a young student would have climbed his way up to the mountain to discover the secrets of composition. Wordlessly, the master would only need to flip open his laptop and download the images of Peter Ryan/FuriousEnnui in order to show the student the power of restraint, the grace of silence, and the impact of simplicity.

Few photographers… dare to approach such use of negative space."